Learn To Play All Major And Natural Minor Keys With Seven Scale Patterns.


The Major Minor scale is a seven note scale (Diatonic) with the eighth note completing an octave. Played on three notes per string, this scale can be played entirely with seven patterns. Each pattern can be played in any position on the fretboard. And because the root tone remains the same wherever the pattern is played, you can easily identify which key you’re in.

(Example) If you look at the chart, take pattern 1 and move it up the fretboard a half step, you land in the key of G# Major and its relative F Minor. In another example. You can start the scale on the first fret with pattern six and you will be in the key of B Flat Major with a relative Minor in G.

Patterns are always played in order 1-7  starting over with pattern 1 after pattern 7, regardless of starting position all the way through till you run out of frets. All Major and Natural Minor keys are played using identical scale patterns.

Scale is charted for a six string bass. It can be played on a five  string bass by omitting the first string(C). And on the four string bass by omitting the first string(C) and sixth string(B) on the scale chart.

Major Minor scale 7 pattern chart for bass (.pdf)